Dota 2 Guide for beginners – Part II

Dota 2 Guide for beginners – Part II

In the previous guide we discussed the basics of Dota 2 and all things associated with it. The most important thing to remember within Dota 2 is the hero selection. This sets the path for each game and is extremely crucial for teams to select wisely.

For beginners, the heroes are divided into two types.

  1. Carry
  2. Support

Before you start to play Dota 2, make sure to check out the Heroes tab at the top of game. There are a total of 111 heroes in Dota 2 and each hero has unique skills and ultimate.

Take the example of Dota 2 hero, Alchemist. As you can see, he is a melee hero who can transform into multiple roles which include carry, support, initiator, nuker, disabler etc. Whenever some hero has a large description of abilities, then the hero can be played as carry as well as support.

dota 2 hero alchemist


It all depends upon the situation as to which hero you pick. Whenever your team needs a carry then you should pick it because without team coordination, you would probably lose the game.

Carry hero type

The carry heroes in Dota 2 are usually the ones who needs to collect as much gold as they can so that they can lead their team to victory in the later stage of the game. The carry hero mostly requires some assistant from the supports in the team.

In the early phase of the game, the carry is usually weak and he/she can be burst down quite quickly if not careful. From a Radiant’s side perspective, the carry usually collects gold by farming creeps at bot lane of the map. For Dire side, the carry takes down the creeps at the top lane in the game. The main objective of the carry is to lead the team towards victory. The carry role is further divided into two types.

  1. Hard carry
  2. Semi-carry

A hard carry requires a lot of farm to get good items and is usually weak in the early and mid-phases of the game.
A hard carry also requires strong assistance from the supports in the team.

dota 2 hard carry

A semi-carry is strong as compared to hard carry in the early and mid-phases of the game. They can quickly join team fights along with their team mates. Although they don’t require much farm as compared to hard carries, they still need assistance from their supports.

In recent matches, players usually like to play hard carry because other heroes in the team can create enough space for them. In this way, they can farm all their core items within a certain time limit.

Support hero type

A support is the one who usually buy all the items which are required in the team fights. They provide a strong assistance to hard carry in which they help their hard carry to farm more quickly as compared to enemy’s hard carry/semi-carry. The support role is further divided into two categories.

  1. Hard support
  2. Semi-support

A hard support is the one who don’t buys core items for team fights. Instead, he/she buys those items which help team in the game. Usually it include items like Observer Wards, Sentry Wards, and Smoke of Deceit etc. (which we will discuss in the upcoming guides).

dota 2 semi support

A semi-support is the one who buys core items for team fights. Like a hard carry, they are very much dependent on levels and items. On the other hand, they can provide a solid start to the team by roaming around the map and helping other team mates to kill opponents.

Dota 2 roles continued

As in a normal game of Dota 2, there are two supports, therefore players pick both the supports, hard and semi, in the game. There are two roles present which are the mixture of semi-support and semi-carry.

The mid lane hero is either semi-support or semi-carry. The main objective of the mid lane hero is to stop opponent’s mid lane hero and to gank all around the map. The mid lane hero usually gains more level as compared to the heroes in other lanes. Therefore, it becomes easier for the hero to successfully gank any hero on opponent’s team.

The off-lane hero is also either semi-support or semi-carry. Their main task is to stop enemy’s main carry from farming creeps. It is usually a difficult role to play because two supports will always be roaming around your hero. So most of the players prefer to play off-lane hero with the help of some support. Once an off-lane hero gains high levels within time, then it becomes very difficult for the enemy team to engage into a team fight.

With the combination of right hero picks in a team, a game can be won easily with perfect and accurate team coordination and synergy.

Make sure to check out our next guide for Dota 2 beginners.


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