Dota 2 Beginners Guide Part 1

Dota 2 guide for beginners – part I


Dota 2 is an online multiplayer free to play game developed and published by Valve cooperation. The game was initially released for Windows but later in July 2013, it was released for both, Linux and Mac OS. The game is based on Warcraft III: Frozen Thrones’ interactive map known as Defense of the Ancients. At the moment, Dota 2 is the most played game in Steam with the highest concurrent players in the game.

dota 2 map

Dota 2 is a very popular game among professional players. The tournaments and events in Dota 2 have a very large prize pool and it is continuously increasing each year. The International 5, which was the fifth international tournament organized by Valve, had a prize pool of over $18 million.


The International is on the top of biggest prize pool in eSports list. Later on, Valve decided to arrange Majors in each year. The revenue generated by Valve through these tournaments was very much high.


dota 2 guideDota 2 is like a game of futsal with five players in each game. The main objective is to destroy the enemy’s main building which is called Ancient. Likewise any futsal team would come up with a better strategy and players to defeat their opponents, same is the case in Dota 2. Every strategy made by either team led them to victory.

One player can control one hero at a time and during the game, every player make some items on his/her hero. This is usually known as Course time in the game. A player in a game can earn gold, which is used to make items, by killing off some enemy heroes or by killing enemy creeps.

Heroes’ description

There are a total of 111 heroes which can be played in the game. These 111 heroes are divided into three sections, Strength, Agility and Intelligence. The strength heroes are usually strong enough to take all the damage and they have high health points as compared to agility or intelligence heroes. They are the key heroes in any team fight. The agility heroes have usually strong damage and high base armor. They can quickly kill any hero in the matter of seconds. The intelligence heroes have high mana points. They can cast their spells instantaneously without any problem of mana points.

dota 2 heroesEvery hero can some unique abilities and skills. There are usually three unique abilities and one unique ultimate which is considered to be the powerful skill of any hero. Normally, there are four levels in each ability and three levels in each ultimate ability. Moreover, each hero has some health points and mana points.

Most of the unique abilities require mana to cast them. It depends upon the hero whether the ability is for allies or enemies.

A hero can gain levels through gaining experience by killing off enemy’s hero or creeps. At each level, only one ability can be picked and this unique ability won’t be available until you get 2 more levels than the current level. For example, if you choose unique ability X at level 1, then in order to gain the next level of the ability, you need to be at level 3.

Map Description

There are two sides in Dota 2, one is Radiant and the other one is known as Dire. There are a total of three lanes in the map of Dota 2.

dota 2 gameplay roles

In each lane, five creeps (Four melee creeps and one ranged creep) from each side are spawned after every 30 seconds. These creeps are used to gather gold for making useful items in the game.

There are also neutral creeps which are usually found in the lower and upper half of the map. The neutral creeps at lower half of the map are usually for Radiant side while the neutral creeps at upper half of the map are for dire side.

There is also a neutral character in the game which is very much powerful and it can easily kill any hero in the early stages of the game. It is known as Roshan and it is located near the bottom river side of the map. If somehow, a team manage to kill Roshan, then it will drop Aegis of Immorality. It grants the bearer a second life with full health points and mana after the hero is killed. The hero is revived after five seconds at the same spot at which he/she died instead of re-spawning at base.

You can include special effects in the map like snow, rainfall, desert terrain etc. but that won’t change the map for other players.

Type of heroes

The type of a hero is also very important in the game and it is usually divided into four sections, carry, mid-laner, offlaner and support. A carry is normally weak in the starting phase of the game and it mostly requires some help from the supports in the game. Normally, a team picks up two supports to accommodate their carry as well as mid-lane hero.

dota 2 heroes x4A carry usually farm creeps and kill enemy heroes so that he/she is able to become an unstoppable beast at the end of the game. A support accommodates and helps his/her team mates in the game. He/she also helps to kill enemy hero in the team fights. A mid-lane hero helps other team mates to secure the game.

The main objective of the mid-lane hero is to kill any hero on the map with the help of supports. This way, a large space is created for the carry which is very good for the late game phase. The offlaner is usually a tough role to play because your hero would be against three or at least two enemy heroes. The main task of the offlaner is to somehow stop enemy’s carry from getting gold. It is a difficult task to handle but there are can two off-laners if needed.

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