Digital Chaos are the winners of The Summit NA qualifiers


The pride of NA qualifiers: Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos have achieved yet another success by taking down compLexity Gaming in the grand finals of The Summit NA qualifiers.

The Summit is one of the unique tournaments in the DotA 2 competitive scene where teams from all around the world compete against each other. This year, all of the teams that went through the second qualifier phase, haven’t experienced any kind of The Summit event before. With the participation of more teams then the last year, the organization is pretty much determined that The Summit 5 will the biggest event in the history of Beyond the Summit leagues.

The first team to reach the upper brackets grand finals were compLexity Gaming who didn’t lose a single game throughout the whole NA qualifiers. Following compLexity Gaming were Digital Chaos who managed to take down Shazam in the lower bracket grand finals of the NA qualifiers.

The grand finals of The Summit NA qualifiers were played at a very fast rate by both the teams. All five games in the series ended around at 30 minute mark despite having late game drafting line-up in both the teams. The best-of-five series started with compLexity Gaming grabbing the victory but in the second and third game, Digital Chaos showed their true potential by taking Shadow Shaman and Jakiro for mid-lane. This type of pushing line-up enabled Digital Chaos to quickly turn the tables around in their favor. But this wasn’t enough from their side as compLexity Gaming managed to push the series to a decisive fifth game.

In the last game of the series, compLexity Gaming picked pushing line-up with the help of Drow Ranger’s Precision Aura. Digital Chaos were quick enough the read the draft of compLexity Gaming and thus, they went for a global combo of Clockwerk with Invoker’s sunstrike. The Phoenix’s Sun Ray also played an important role in order to provide victory for the line-up of Digital Chaos.

The regional qualifiers of The Summit 5 are still in process as the opponent team of Virtus.Pro in the grand finals of the European qualifiers are yet to be decided. The SEA grand finals will take place today at 10:00 UTC between Fnatic and MVP.Phoenix.

Do you think that Digital Chaos have a chance to qualify for the grand finals of the main event at The Summit 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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