CS:GO Pro GMX Retires

CS: GO – professional player “GMX” announces retirement

GMX Retires


Today, a professional player of CS:GO, Robin “GMX” Stahmer announced his retirement from the competitive scene. The statement came out of nowhere and he just stated that he is going to retire from the CS: GO competitive scene. He explained that this retirement is due to the Epsilon game throwing scandal which led to Valve permanently banning a lot of CS: GO players.

Although this game scandal happened almost one year ago, it should be noted that GMX himself was also part of these match-fixing games and he was banned from most of the events sponsored by Valve organization. Ironically, this throwing case was the exact one he gave light to.

Here’s what GMX said on his official Twitter account.

GMX Twitter
Do you think that this was a good decision made by GMX? Let us know in the comments below.




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