Cloud9 Stewie2K and the unfair benchmark

As one of the most famous teams in North America, Cloud9 was the fuel to many discussions recently and a lot them were focused on the acquisition of Jake “Stewie2K” Yip, an aggressive player that caught the eyes of Nothing and Co via FPL games. He filled the shoes of Sean Gares, arguably NA’s most successful IGL, but in a very different role. This is where the community started to react very negatively as one of the most likable players was being replaced by an inexperienced and seemingly arrogant young kid who sported an erratic PUG style.
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Things got even worse for the young gun when more information came into light about the other players who could have filled the spot. With the most notable one being NIP’s super star lurker Get_Right, who without a doubt is one of the greatest ever to play the game. Other names include the former FNATIC IGL Pronax and the veteran in Gob B who bought Mousesports a lot of their success. Naturally when you compare Stewie2k to super star level players such as GTR or major winning IGL in Pronax, it starts to look like a step down from what it could have been. However keep in mind that none of those EU legends agreed for the switch and only flirted with the possibility, this left Cloud9 in a difficult situation where they could either buy off someone inconsistent like Tarik for a huge pay off or go with an up and coming talent like Stewie2k. Does not take a genius to figure out that the latter was the better decision, especially when looking at Tarik’s recent statistics going -40 in more than 15 maps, which is very underwhelming for a  star player. Also a large part of community seems to get the vibe that Stewie2K is a very toxic person due to how he acts on Streams, which almost makes no sense, to judge a young kids ability to work within the actual team based on something that is meant for entertainment is kind of stupid. At the end of the day if his teammates are happy, which they seem to be the case at the moment, then the community’s silly assumptions mean very little.

That being said Stewi2k’s showing so far in Cloud9 has been rather mundane. He went -15 in the first match against Gamers2 and though there were a flashy round or two, it did not have enough impact in the long run. Even later on in the tournament there was a visible lack of adaptation in his approach and it was obvious that the inexperience factor was kicking in. Then again it would be really insane to see a new player just come into the scene and immediately play at the highest level; that is just very rare and only a handful of players were skilled enough to pull it off. That doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for Stewie though, because greatness can still be achieved via the harder path. Just look at the likes of Nitro and JDM, who have gone leaps and bounds from where they were after staying focused on their goal.

So yeah Stewie2K is no miracle worker, nor is he a natural super star player, but he does have the right mindset to grow according to his teammates and that is something a lot of others in NA lack.  Just shed the comparisons with what could have been and halt the silly level of expectations guys, because only then will the development be noticed.


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