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Everything we know so far about Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods

author image by SCA | Esports News Feature Hearthstone Hearthstone News | 0 Comments | 12 Mar 2016

After many speculation and rumors, we finally have official information about Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion called ‘Whisper of the Old Gods’. This new expansion will be the third in the game and is planned to be released in late April.  It…

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Team Archon lose their most precious gem in Firebat

author image by SCA | Esports News Hearthstone Hearthstone News | 4 Comments | 02 Feb 2016

Just recently we received the shocking news of James ‘Firebat’ Kostesich leaving Team Archon, which has been his home since his amazing rise as one of the best Hearthstone players of all time. During the heat of the moment there…

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The Curse Trials, a much needed change in Hearthstone?

author image by SCA | Esports News Hearthstone Hearthstone News | 2 Comments | 29 Jan 2016

In one of our previous featured articles, we discussed how Hearthstone is a very different kind of eSports that molded a unique fan base of its own, but as a result it also has to constantly adapt and change itself…

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Pinnacle Esports Review

      SIGN UP NOW | Best Odds Overview Founded in 1998, Pinnacle Sports has come a long way from their initial struggles. After numerous setbacks, including having their servers completely wiped out twice by a tropical storm, they...

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