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IEM Katowice 2016 Day 2 pre-match analysis

author image by SCA | CS:GO Tips Esport Tips EU LCS | 4 Comments | 03 Mar 2016

After the explosive first day of IEM Katowice 2016, today we start off with Group B, which sports big names like EnvyUS and Astralis as well as underdog such as So without any further due, let us get started!…

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Hi it’s Rudy. Jungle Only

author image by Tom Price | Articles Esports News EU LCS LoL | 0 Comments | 03 Feb 2016

So, Rudy is set to play in the jungle for Unicorns of Love in their fixture against Roccat tomorrow. An interesting development, to say the least. Who is Rudy, some of you may be asking. Well… where do I start?…

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EU LCS Spring Split – Betting Preview

author image by Esport | Esport Tips Esports Event Preview EU LCS LoL LoL Tips | 0 Comments | 13 Jan 2016

What the EU LCS Spring Split offers from a betting perspective Tomorrow, the 2015 European Championship Series (EU LCS) Spring Split begins with Fnatic vs. Origen. The match begins at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST at the Riot…

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Pinnacle Esports Review

      SIGN UP NOW | Best Odds Overview Founded in 1998, Pinnacle Sports has come a long way from their initial struggles. After numerous setbacks, including having their servers completely wiped out twice by a tropical storm, they...

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